Terms and conditions of Khorjin site

::: When you use the podcast service, you agree to all of the following terms :::

In this article, the rules and regulations of using the Khorjin site and the contract between the site and any user who uses its services are listed. Site users need to read and accept these rules carefully. Using the features of the wallet means that the user has read and accepted the contents of this article. The parties to the contract are the Khorjin site as the payment service provider and the site user as the service user.

In Khorjin, terms have been used that include:

Company: Anamaka Information and Communication Technology Company, which provides bitcoin services in the wallet system. Website: The Khorjin website, which is managed in Iran and is subject to all laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran in general, the Computer Crimes and Electronic Commerce Law, and the Consumer Protection Law in particular. User (s): A natural or legal person who connects to and uses the wallet payment services website via the Internet. User account: An account created by the user (buyer) to use Khorjin services on Khorjin website. Buyer: A user or applicant for purchasing a wallet payment service is a person who is a member and user of the wallet and registers an order or any use of digital currency services through the website. Confidential Information: All information posted by users on the Khorjin website, such as name, address, e-mail, mobile number, bank account information and any business transactions made in the Khorjin. User ID: is the mobile number of the buyer who, after verification and authentication, can use the site services. Laws and Regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran: The Constitution, ordinary laws, executive bylaws, directives, instructions in general and the Law on Computer Crimes and Electronic Commerce and the Law on Consumer Protection in particular and all legal rules governing the subject of the contract, under this The title is raised. Authentication: Unless natural or legal persons are authenticated, they will not be able to use the wallet services. The identification of individuals who intend to trade in cyberspace is in accordance with the Computer Crime and Electronic Commerce Laws established by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

User obligations:

Acceptance of the rules: By registering in the wallet and each time you use it, users agree that they have read and accepted all the rules governing the terms and conditions of the wallet. Legal age: People between the ages of 18 and 50 who are legally qualified can create an account on the Khorjin website. To use the wallet service, the user must enter the name, surname, mobile number, national number, date of birth, gender and information of their two bank cards on the website. Correct information: Users agree that the information they enter on the site is completely up to date and correct. Otherwise, the company is allowed to raise the issue with legal and judicial authorities. Having multiple user accounts: Each user is allowed to have only one user account. Otherwise, the company is allowed to deactivate other user accounts and not provide further services. Purchase with registered bank card (order registration): The user has no right to make purchases from the card or other people's accounts, and in case of violation, the payment amount will be blocked until the request of the original owner of the card. Purchase (order registration) via IP in-country: All orders must be made from the user's main Internet, and any order registered through IP change tools will need to be reviewed and re-authenticated by the user. Fees: Fees for all transactions are the responsibility of the customer. External service provider credit: Before registering the order, the user must ensure the accuracy and validity of the foreign service provider, the amount ordered, address and other information related to the process of registering and activating his order, because the wallet is only responsible for the transaction in the registered route. It is responsible for the order and other issues and problems such as errors in entering details, wrong address, failure of the acceptor, etc. are the responsibility of the user. Recharge PayPal, WebMoney and Perfect Money accounts: Regarding recharging accounts such as PayPal, WebMoney and Perfect Money, the user must make sure that his account is verified, otherwise all problems such as account blocking and blocking payment are the responsibility of the user. The person is the applicant. Registration of night to receive Rials: The user must register his night number to receive "Rials". If the Sheba number is registered in the name of other people, the user is responsible for depositing money. Account Responsibility: The responsibility for all activities in the account rests with the user. If another person uses a person's account in the wallet, the main user is responsible for possible misuse of it, such as buying with stolen cards or financial misconduct. Information security: Users are required to maintain their account information (username and password). In the event that information is stolen or lost, the user must notify the company immediately. Otherwise, the user is responsible for any activity through his account. Authentication: Due to the prevention of fraud and due to the legal obligation that the e-commerce law has placed on cyberspace service vendors, buyers are required to cooperate with the website for accurate authentication and in case of any objection, their account will be suspended. And are introduced to the judicial authorities. Authentication in the wallet The basis of the mobile number and check the bank card with which the buyer intends to pay.

Company obligations:

Provision of services: The company only activates the user account and allows the user to operate after checking and verifying the user documents (authentication). Information retention: The company keeps the documents and identity information of users safe and only in case of committing violations such as buying with a stolen card, using the site services in violation of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and fraud, in response to inquiries, to the authorities Judicial and competent. Cashing process: Depending on the type of user account and the requested amount will take between 24 to 48 hours and the amount paid will be equal to the price of the unit exchanged at the time of application registration. Digital Currency Sale: In the process of selling digital currencies, its Rial equivalent will be deposited 24 to 48 hours later at the current digital unit transfer price. Deposit for several orders to receive Rials: If the user has several orders to receive Rials per day, it is possible that all deposits will be deposited in the form of a Rial transaction for the destination night. Receive more information from the user: The wallet is allowed to receive more information and documents from users if necessary to ensure the accuracy of transactions. Delays and problems at the destination site: The wallet has no responsibility for the delay or scheduling of the destination site in receiving or unsuccessful transactions due to a defect or problem in the electronic currency system or the receiving bank. Updating the rules: The terms and conditions mentioned in this article, in many cases and depending on the terms and laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, may change, which also applies to the website and the user is obliged to read them at the time of each purchase.